Hydrogen peroxide gel in low concentrations 

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Hydrogen peroxide gel low concentrations 

under supervision of the dentist

PC- Regulation EC No 1223/2009

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The gels WHITE bite 8, WHITE bite 12, and WHITE bite 16 contain concentrations of 2,2%, 3,5%, and 4,2% H2O2. They have a neutral pH of approximately 7.0, and are applied with a custom splint.  Pack airless 50 ml.

It is a product sold exclusively to dentists. Patients complete the cycle of use.

They are indicated as teeth whitening for dental color changes with penetration into the dental structure due to food, beverages and tobacco, or treatments with certain medications; for dark teeth genetically determined, or degenerative changes due to age. The liberated hydrogen peroxide has an antiseptic effect.

The application of WHITE bite gel is simple, its use is refreshing and pleasant, its aesthetic results help to complete the oral hygiene routine of patients.

WHITE bite, releases hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with bleaching and antiseptic effect.

 WHITE bite 8,   CPNP  reference 2117420. WHITE bite 12,  CPNP reference 2117422. WHITE bite 16, CPNP reference  2117426

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WHITE bite gels release hydrogen peroxide in low proportions, achieve a gradual whitening completing the oral hygiene routine of patients. They are applied with personalized dental splint.
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References of scientific literature about bleaching, antiseptic and, on enamel, effects for different dental whiteners, depending on the PH and the percentages of hydrogen peroxide released.


OPINION ON Hydrogen peroxide, in its free form or when released, in oral hygiene products and tooth whitening products 

Scientific Committee on Consumer Products
SCCP. European Commision