Dental Implants YAKVIT-1

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marca-YAKvit1Simple . Fast . Safe

A stress-free experience for doctors and patients.


The YAKVIT-1 version: Monoblock  including abutment

ABUTMENT: Implant  placement  and  tighten.  Prosthesis  Anchored with cement.

GUM   AREA: Allows a correct adherence of the gum to the polished titanium. Smooth surface not treated.

CORTICAL SPIRALS: 2 mm  witf very little aggressive  spirals. Progressively conical area. Flush with the bone cortex. Smooth surface not treated, not porous. Contributes to primary stability and to avoid perimplantitis.

HORIZONTAL SPIRALS: Non-aggressive thin spirals with self-tapping function. Progressively conical area  with  slits to remove bone at the first moments of placement. Surface treated. Good primary stability.

INCLINED SPIRALS: Helical spirals. Drilling action. Smooth surface not treated.

APICAL AREA:  Smooth insertion. Changes of direction and depth. Smooth surface not treated. Self-drilling action.


YAKVIT-1 needs:  Minimum drilling. Minimum  surgical tools.

YAKVIT-1 gets:  Maximum security. Maximum stability. Maximum penetrability. . Minimum bone warming. Minimal bone loss Minimum placement time. Maximum comfort.

3 Steps for placement: 1.- Circular scalpel. 2.- Round drill. 3.-  Implant insertion.






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YAKVIT 3508     Ø 3,5 mm.   L  8 mm.    

YAKVIT 3510     Ø 3,5 mm.    L 10 mm. 

YAKVIT 3512     Ø 3,5 mm.    L 12 mm.    

YAKVIT 3514     Ø 3,5 mm.    L 14 mm. 

YAKVIT 4508     Ø 4,5 mm.   L  8 mm.    

YAKVIT 4510     Ø 4,5 mm.    L 10 mm. 

YAKVIT 4512     Ø 4,5 mm.    L 12 mm.    

YAKVIT 4514     Ø 4,5 mm.    L 14 mm. 

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Its osteo-integration strategy consists on minimizing the tissue damage and the bone loss during its implantation.

The speed and ease of the implantation surgery favors the patient’s body response.

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