Whitening dental gel

whitebite-pagina Teeth whitening under dentist supervision.





Tooth Whitening gels WHITE bite 8, WHITE bite 12 and, WHITE bite 16 contain concentrations of carbamide peroxide 8%, 12% and 16%. They have a neutral pH of about 7.0, and applied with a custom splint. Each package contains 50 ml of gel.

It is a product exclusively to dentists sale. Patients complete the cycle of use.

They are suitable for tooth color changes with penetration into the tooth structure because of food, beverages and snuff, certain medications or treatments; for genetically determined dark teeth, or degenerative changes with age.

Applying WHITE bite is simple, its use is refreshing and pleasant, its aesthetic results collaborate to complete the routine oral hygiene of patients.

WHITE bite, releases hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with bleaching and antiseptic effect.

WHITE bite 8, Reference CPNP: 2117420. WHITE bite 12, Reference CPNP: 2117422. WHITE bite 16, Reference CPNP: 2117426



Whitening dental gels, WHITE bite, release hydrogen peroxide in low proportions, getting a gradual whitening completing routine oral hygiene of patients. Apply with personalized dental splint.

References of scientific literature on the effects bleaches, antiseptics and for the enamel about diferent tooth whiteners depending on PH and, different percentage of peroxide released.